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Hi, I'm Corey!

Welcome to my website!  Do you know why they call me Wacky?  It is because I have all kinds of moods.   I go to school just like you, except I learn about foods so I can teach you how the chemistry of what we eat affects us.  Notice how you sometimes feel really tired after you eat and other times you want to hop, skip and jump till you drop?  Well food could make you feel that way, as well as happy, sad, glad or mad.


If you sometimes feel something and don’t know why, it could be what you are eating.   Remember this saying:


Eat a meal then see how you feel.

Do you seem well?  That’s how you can tell,

If what you ate was first rate.


Our bodies are machines and want to have the best food to run on.  If we don’t eat right, it gives us signs that let us know we should eat better.  Listen to your body and take my Wacky Mood Test every day so you can find out what foods make you happy and strong instead of tired or mad or cranky.  Then share your food stories with others so we can all learn about how to be our best selves. 



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