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Experts Talk 


Bonnie Witler  

“Peer Pressure and Eating Disorders” 

Excerpted from the May Issue of “Girlfriends Magazine”

published by Girl Scouts of Nassau County

“Blood Sugar Levels Affect Moods”

Bonnie Witler

Nutritional Counselor

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Dr. Mercola  

Dr. Mercola’s Website is filled with up-to-the-minute information on many food related topics.   If you are an educator or a parent, I urge you to read his articles and watch the videos on his site.  Then start looking through your refrigerator and pantries for the hidden dangers presented to you, your students and your families.


Food Additives Could Fuel Hyperactivity in Kids
Video describing the dangers of MSG.

How to Recognize if your Child has Food Allergies


Dr. Mercola





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