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Corey's Wacky Mood Test

This is the downloadable sheet for the Wacky Mood Test

Wacky Mood TestImplementing the program is easy.  Just print it out for your kids and hand out one to two hours after breakfast or lunch.  Allow them to draw what they ate and then to circle how they feel.  They may feel more than one mood and should circle as many as they choose.  Remind them to be as true as they can to their feelings.  If they don’t see a mood that they feel, encourage them to draw a new Corey figure or write out a description. 

Make sure they keep records of what they have drawn so they can see, over time, how different foods can change their moods from day to day or even hour to hour.  In some instances, children will be very sensitive to chemicals and dyes in certain foods or possibly have food allergies that have been undiagnosed.  It’s much harder to decipher these issues, but the Wacky Mood Test can help determine a pattern if there is one, enabling parents and possibly a physician to help diagnose in the future. 


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As a learning disabled child (dyslexic with ADD), I had major trouble keeping up with my peers in school.  For some reason, an instinctive part of me knew I could pay attention better if I moved my body while trying to study.

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Good luck and please contact me with any questions or comments.  Also, we are desperate to share stories so please submit any ideas, challenges and victories you may have!

Download the Wacky Mood Test here 




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